Monday, May 26, 2014

Choco Coco Milk Recipe

I haven't posted in months due to the fact I was busy with school and moving into our new house. With that being said, I just finished my freshman year of college! Woo! Except I'm taking summer classes which start in a week...

I was also preoccupied with moving in to our house that has been building for 8 months. The move-in date coincidentally ended up being the week right before my finals, so that was fun. We're settled in for the most part now and am enjoying having my own room again and cooking and baking in our new beautiful kitchen, with more recipes coming soon!

I love cooking and baking and thought I would come back with a recipe perfect for spring and summer. We recently got a new blender, the Ninja Ultima Blender, and have been on a kick making all types of blended drinks from healthy veggie smoothies to iced chocolate milk. I have all these yummy concoctions in my head I want to try out. 

This recipe came about when I asked my sister, Sophie, what kind of drink I should make for us that included chocolate. She suggested chocolate and coconut milk, so I whipped up something quick and it turned out to be super tasty and she's been requesting it nonstop, even at 10 pm. 

This drink includes hot chocolate mix, cocoa powder, three kinds of milk, and ice. I suggest including a small, ripe banana into the recipe to make a thicker and richer drink (though I don't include one in the pictures).

       Blend together the milks, hot chocolate mix, and cocoa powder on high. Add banana, if  
      using and blend for a few seconds. Then, add the ice and blend on medium-high until 
      desired consistency is reached
              Add more ice and pulse in the blender if you want more of a frappe texture

                                                                        Voila! The Choco Coco Milk

Choco Coco Milk

Only has a handful of ingredients and can easily be altered. A frothy, chocolate-y, and coconut-y drink.

Makes approximately 3 servings


·      1 Cup Dairy Milk*

·      1 Cup Almond Milk

·      ¾ Cup Coconut Milk

·      2 TBSP Hot Chocolate Mix*

·      1 TBSP Cocoa Powder

·      1 Banana

·      2 Cups Ice


1.     Pour the milks and the cocoa powder into the blender. Blend on medium-high (I     
        blended on power 7) for 30 seconds. Afterwards, add the banana and blend  
        again for a few seconds.
2.     Add the ice, pulse a couple times, then blend on medium (I blended between power  
        4 and 5) for 10-20 seconds, depending on your preference of texture.
3.     Pour into a decorative serving glass and enjoy!


*You can substitute any milk for the dairy and almond milk.
*If you don't have got chocolate mix, mix 1 TBSP cocoa powder with 2 TSP sugar. 

Tuesday, December 3, 2013


Weekend getaways are a great way to get a way for a bit. Absorbing the different vibes in different cities are one of my favorite things. I went on another weekend trip, this time to Austin. Austin seems to be a city everyone loves, from it's quirky shops to the music festivals, it's a must go.  Austin City Limits and South by Southwest are huge music festivals held there every fall and spring, now living near by I have to go to! While being there, we went to South Congress District to see the little eclectic shops and food trucks and Congress Avenue.


Saturday, November 2, 2013

New Orleans!

New Orleans had been on my bucket list of places to go for years, but it was far and out of the way from Virginia. Moving to Texas has given us the opportunity to venture out to new places and this city was a must see.  I remember watching a show on the Travel Channel and it was about New Orleans and Cafe Du Monde.  I was probably around 10 or maybe even younger and I thought I had to go. The mountain of powdered sugar on fresh beignets was calling me from the TV. So, it was a must ever since. Not to mention, the architecture is beautiful and people playing Jazz music on the streets, the little stores along the streets, ah I love everything about this place.

It was also the Saturday before Halloween, so we definitely saw some crazy costumes! During the day people were just walking around in their costumes and it seriously felt like I was in the movie, Halloweentown. It was great. And at night, specifically on Bourbon street things got wild (and smelly).

 The whole French Quarter had a spooky vibe. It is after all the most haunted city in America. We went on a haunted tour around the French Quarter to learn about some of the city's haunted history and got to see some of the spots where viscous murders happened and where people have witnessed ghosts.

I definitely have to go back, one weekend was definitely not enough!

                                      As you can imagine, I was pretty excited to see this.

                                                  I stopped by a Witchcraft and Magic store.


                                             I'm obsessed with these terraces and plants!

                                                            There was a wedding parade.

This was Madame Lalaurie's mansion where she threw lavish parties and tortured and kept a lot of slaves in her attic. Nicholas Cage also owned this house, but lost it to foreclosure a few years ago.

 Bourbon St.

      Jackson Square

 We had breakfast at Stanley's

The Garden District had huge live Oak trees.

 I really wanted to see the St. Louis Cemetery #1 where the Voodoo Queen, Madame Laveau was buried, but we ran out of time. We did drive by the Lafayette Cemetery #1, which looked similar.